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Boobs Realm

2016-Feb-3 - Welcome to and

Posted in Big boob blogs
Check out my new sites and BigBoobsRater The best content from this blog has been moved to BoobsRealm. A photo from a blast from the past
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2016-Feb-3 - Welcome to BoobsRealm.vom

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2012-Apr-6 - Moving Boobs Realm to

Posted in Big boob blogs

Hi guys, I am moving to hope you like the new design and the blog itself. I am excited to share with you the best busty girls around, their, pics, videos and interviews

Waiting for you there to continue the fun with the funbags

So i leave this blog with a nice set of tits. Bella Blaze.  Thank your for your support


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2012-Apr-1 - Karina Hart riding cock and tits bouncing

Posted in Big boob blogs

I saved some money, traveled to Prague and had the fuck of my life with amazing busty girl Karina Hart now know as Kay Loove



and do not forget to join SCORELAND for the best busty girls around


So to avoid your hate here a nice video from Christy Marks


and another one from Christy Marks


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2012-Mar-28 - Interview with Eli Tetona de

Posted in Big boob blogs

Hi guys.. after a long hiatus I bring you an exclusive interview with Spanish Busty girl Eli. She is a blonde with natural huge tits that took the world by surprise when she and her boyfriend met spanish king of porn Torbe for making their first porn scene.


Then they added Torbe for a threesome in a subsequent video. Well, I had the privilege of contacting Eli_Tetona (which means Eli_Busty) so she could tell us more about her.


Raven_azrael: How did you get interest on entering the porn biz and how was the process?

@EliTetona_cdt: I was with my boyfriend and we decided to shoot a scene fro Torbe.

Raven_azrael: What does people tell you when they get to know you are a porn actress?

@EliTetona_cdt: People closer to me didnít take it well. As the time went on they assimilated it and now they accept with naturally

Raven_azrael: What size is your bra and since when did they start growing? How were guys about it at school?

@EliTetona_cdt: My boobs are 110cm (European measurements) and at school, indeed, I was standing out of the rest

Raven_azrael: Have you ever used your bobos in order to get something?

@EliTetona_cdt: Actually, I havenít used them to get anything or take advantage of them


Raven_azrael: Do you prefer swallowing cum or rather take a facial?

@EliTetona_cdt: It depends on how horny I am at the moment, but I like both.

Raven_azrael: How is the job at doing camshows? Any anecdote?

@EliTetona_cdt: Well I love cam shows. I am happy doing something I really enjoy. Hmm an anecdote, well I met one guy that turned on when I ordered him to buy more minutes or to come back to connect and chat. Lol. You see lots of different kind of people on webcam

Raven_azrael: Once you had a threesome with your boyfriend and Torbe. Would you have a gangbang? How many guys maximum?

@EliTetona_cdt: Actually, I donít like the idea of having sex with more than 2 guys. I wouldn?t go beyond a threesome.

Raven_azrael: Do you like anal sex?

@EliTetona_cdt: I like anal, but not in front of cameras, just in my private life

Raven_azrael: Have you appeared on another site besides which one would you like to have a scene for?

@EliTetona_cdt: I have had pictures for a japanesse web site. I would really love to be on an American site, but I donít know many sites from USA.

Raven_azrael: What would you like to add to your fans?

@EliTetona_cdt: To my fans,  I would like to thank them for following me and I expect they keep on watching my videos and joining to cum to chat with me and do some nasty stuff on webcam.


Raven_azrael: Thank you Eli, I am sure they will join you, If I were in Spain I would really ask for a live show, lol just a bonus question, what are your goals for 2012?

@EliTetona_cdt: Well, I want to keep on doing scenes and become more famous, not only in Spain, but around the world. Thank you to you all for your support. Kisses!

So guys this amazing busty pretty girl is waiting for you on If you don't speak spanish, she will teach you the basics: "Follar, Dame tu lefa, tetas, Polla, Te la mamo" yes forget the "Mi nombre es...." and go direct to the action. And just so you know, she is not the only hot busty girl on the site. You can meet also my other favorites Hanna Montada and Nekane.

Hope you like the interview and follow us on twitter and check more of Eli on her twitter account @EliTetona_cdt

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2012-Jan-5 - Meet Ewa Sonnet

Posted in Big boob blogs
HI. This was post some time ago and apparently there is an opportunity for everybody in the world (if you have the free time and the money) to meet Ewa Sonnet and take her all the pics you want. Yes. has started this campaign with almost no time left ( I guess few people could get there). Ewa is gonna be on Paradise Island from january 19 to the 27th. So check your flight, go to expedia or I dont know where and check your fly tickets



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2011-Dec-26 - September Carrino boy/girl

Posted in Big boob blogs

I found this on the net. Amazing, as I never thought I was going to see a guy sucking those amazing boobies. The name of the luchy guy? Wolf. Seems that he is her real life boyfriend or it was just a play. anyway, lucky guy. This was filmed for Sextreme makeover for Playboy TV




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2011-Dec-18 - Lovely Christy Marks drawing

Posted in Big boob blogs

One of my all time favorites. The cutest girl in the history of porn is still nominated as Score girl of the year, It is amazing that despite she is retired she is well remembered even by her former employer. What I liked the most is that Scoreland posted in their blog a drawing of her. I am sad there is not new material, but this worths to take a look. AND IF YOU WANT TO CHECK HER VIDEOS, go to Scoreland and do not forget to join the forum that will rock in 2012


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2011-Dec-16 - Milena Velba, Katerina Hartlova and Shione Cooper tit sucking

Posted in Big boob blogs

Look what i found! Look what I found! These 3 amazing sets of boobs exchange sucking. Seems Milena is looking for an address in Prague and Kathy and Shione are willing to help her, but before they forced MILF Milena to suck their tits. Incredible hot scene


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2011-Dec-16 - Hot Leanne Crow videos

Posted in Big boob blogs

And do not forget to vote for the busty girl of the year here


Leanne, the Lilly of the big firm tits , sexy in... por sexyhugenipples and Leanne playing with pool
Leanne, the Lilly of the exciting proud body por sexyhugenipples
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2011-Dec-15 - My boobs and me documentary

Posted in Big boob blogs

Interesting documentar about 3 busty girls and her points of view about being so busty.

I really liked the photography girl. She wants to be in front of a camera. Maybe our friends from Scoreland could have helped her, :)


BTW, I know some girls bustier than the redhead

and do not forget to vote for the best busty girl fo the year!!! check the post


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2011-Dec-15 - Who is the busty girl of the year?

Posted in Big boob blogs

Who is your favorite busty girl of the year. This selection was made based on their work on 2011. Polls are valid till January 1st 2012.


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2011-Dec-15 - Katerina Hartlova back to hardcore

Posted in Big boob blogs

, this is great news. We are gonna be able to watch Katerina Hartlova getting fucked again. She has accepted doing hardcore again, but her only condition is that her male partner has to be her boyfriend. Well seems she has cleared her stuff up.


Anyway, here are some exclusive modeling pics that would help your cock await for her return

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

 Image Hosted by
 Image Hosted by
 And do not forget to visti and join the big tits revolution in this new forum

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2011-Dec-4 - Busty Karla James on Scoreland Christmas

Posted in Big boob blogs

The best thing we can get on Christmas is hot busty Karla James for us. So dear Santa if you can't bring her home with ribbons on her tits as a gift at least we can have her Christmas video to have one of the hottest girls on Scoreland to wank to. This is a Christmas fantasy.

Scoreland is the bes porn on Christmas. Not only we have Karla, but Sexy Venera is there to make sure our cocks get bigger.






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2011-Nov-30 - ID girl with Yulia Nova

Posted in Big boob blogs

I found this video while searching for Terry Nova news and found this


Yulia Nova is an all time favorite, but the other girl is really pretty. Need help to ID her thanks raven_azrael
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2011-Nov-24 - Vote for your favorite Scoreland girl

Posted in Big boob blogs

Hi guys, Scoreland has started their anual awards and wants us to vote for our favorite busty girls. What you have to do is fill the form and send it by e-mail or to the address of their office in Miami.



If you are not sure who you would want to vote here, I suggest you to check their site SCORELAND My personal favorites are Angela White, Karina Hart and Christy Marks.

Also on the site you will find videos of Merilyn/Anya, Tanya Song, Shione Cooper, Arianna Sinn, Leanne Crow, Terry Nova.


Also do not forget to join the big tits revolution and join the new forum BOOBS REALM where you can win a free month for any XXX site you want... join and read here

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2011-Nov-22 - Shione Cooper and Katerina Hartlova available dates

Posted in Big boob blogs

Guys, the owner of model agency sent me emails letting me know that Katerina Hartlova and Shionne Cooper are available to work for photoshoots and videos for serious producers. Here the info and a couple of hot pics


Hello Shione Cooper is free at:, 28-30. November

We will be very happy for booking


Hello the legendary model Katarina is free at:  November
December - up to agreement

For 2 days of work (at least) she can travel out of Czech rep.





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2011-Nov-22 - Join the newest BIG BOOBS forum- Our BOOBSREALM FORUM

Hi guys. I know most of you are members of some cool forums; however, porn forums have a very wide range. As a big boobs lover I felt the need to create an extension of this blog so you can not only check what I post, but share, trade and comment what others have to post.
As I said, there are many porn forums, but just some dedicated to busty chicks. At you can chat and exchange pics, videos, links and everything (obviously it has to be legal). Help me promote the forum and get new members. Also, keep in mind that you may be a winner of the most posts (bumps is not considered a post). for more info check this


I was chatting with some people and found a girl who joined the forum and said she will help me promoting it. there is a category where girls can post their pics, so fortunately we have number 1 girl on the forum


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2011-Nov-20 - Busty 18 years old girl on webcam

Posted in Big boob blogs
this girl is one of the most beautiful teens I have ever seen. Lucky the guy (s) who can grab those tits and fuck them. Envy them. What about you?
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2011-Nov-20 - Angela White on webcam

Posted in Big boob blogs
So if you are still doubious about joining Angela White on her camshow, here I bring you this cool video that will make you unleash your load like a happy monkey 45 minutes of one of the most beautiful busty babes in porn and probably the prettiest face + big boobs combo Watch more big boobs cams at Best Boobs cams @ Best Boobs cams
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